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RovyVon Aurora A8x – White/Red/UV LED Keychain Flashlight 650 Lumen

Max Lumens: 650
Battery: 1 - Built-In Li-Polymer 4.2V 330mAh Micro-USB Rechargeable


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The RovyVon Aurora A8x is a multi-functional keychain flashlight with both a front-facing LED main projector beam with 4 bright white lighting levels (with Memory) and 5 more secondary Sidelight lighting levels including – Neutral White high & low; RED high & beacon and Ultraviolet (UV).  Red excels at preserving night vision, while UV is good for detecting up-close stains and counterfeit currency.  The durable, translucent Polyamide synthetic polymer body is made to take a beating against the keys and coins in your pocket.  Easy-to-use.  Simply hold-down side switch for momentary operation, quick double-tap for constant-on of front-facing LED.  Triple-tap for Sidelight operation.   Also can be used as headlamp with enclosed reversible hat clip if so desired.  Equipped with an integrated Micro-USB charging port and internal Li-Ion battery, it can be recharged anytime at your convenience or when low-battery indicator blinks RED.  Water resistant IPX65 rating.  This is the ideal keychain for everyday carry for those who desire a tiny flashlight with multi-functional lighting needs.


  • CREE XP-G3 LED with 650 Max Lumen Output
  • Built-in 4.2V 330mAh Li-Polymer battery with integrated Micro-USB charging port; cord included
  • 4 Front output main lighting modes (Bright White)
    • High:  650 Lumens (1.5 minutes then gradual downshifts to 130 lumens to prevent overheating of LED) - 75 minutes total battery runtime
      • Peak Beam Distance:  109 meters (119 yards)
      • Peak Beam Intensity:  1080 candela
    • Med:  400 Lumens (1.5 minutes then gradual downshifts to 130 lumens to prevent overheating of LED) - 2.5 hours total battery runtime
    • Low:  25 Lumens (10 hours total battery runtime)
    • Ultra-Low:  3 Lumens (66 hours total battery runtime)
  • 5 Sidelight secondary output lighting modes 
    • ULTRAVIOLET (UV):  365nm (3 hours total battery runtime)
    • RED:  20 Lumens (2 hours total battery runtime)
    • RED Beacon:  20 Lumens (7 hours total battery runtime)
    • Neutral White - Low:  8 Lumens(12 hours total battery runtime)
    • Neutral White - High:  32 Lumens (3 hours total battery runtime)
  • Body made of durable clear Polyamide polycarbonate plastic
  • Side switch prevents accidental activation; double-tap to turn on; hold-down for momentary operation.
  • Ergonomic; simple one-handed operation
  • Integrated lanyard hole
  • IPX65 Water Resistance
  • No batteries to buy; Li-Polymer Micro USB rechargeable built-in
  • Impact Resistance:  1.5 meters (4.9 feet)


  • 1 -  Built-In Li-Polymer 4.2V 330mAh Micro-USB Rechargeable; 500 complete full charging cycles


  • Length: 2.38 in./ 60.5mm
  • Diameter: 0.61 in./ 15.6mm
  • Weight: 0.52 oz./ 14.85 grams (battery included)


  • 1 - RovyVon Keychain A8x Flashlight with integrated Micro-USB port
  • 1 - Built-in Li-Polymer Micro-Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 - Ball hat clip
  • 1 - Micro-USB charging cable
  • 1 - Keyring
  • 1 - Lanyard
  • 1 - User manual
  • 1 - Warranty card


  • RovyVon will offer free replacement for an Aurora A8x that show signs of defects during intended product use within 2 years of purchase. Coverage does not extend to damage from normal wear or rough usage. Improper product handling will void the warranty. Accessories such as lanyards, pocket clips, charging cables etc. are excluded.
  • In addition, we provide you our personalized 30 - day "Frustration-Free Guarantee" by Flashlight Specialists


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