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Fenix ALD-02 Helmet Attachment Hook Set

Max Lumens: 1,000


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Is your headlamp constantly slipping off your hard hat or helmet while working? The Fenix ALD-02 Helmet Attachment Hook Set has just what your need. Nylon headbands may fit snug around our heads normally, but they tend to slide around when placed on helmets with nothing to grip on to. This handy set of hooks fastens the headband to your helmet or hard hat, preventing it from coming off unintentionally. It also includes wire management in case you have a separate battery compartment. The set of 4 hooks is made from durable yet environmentally friendly PVC material.


  • Set of 4 helmet attachment hooks
  • Made from durable environmentally friendly PC material
  • Consists of four hooks that prevent the headband from slipping off the helmet
  • Easy Assembly
  • Weight: 40 grams (1.41 ounces)


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