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I’m not the typical guy that would consider a professional-grade flashlight for myself, but Mike really hooked me up with a great product. He helped me figure out which one that I should get. He got me the TK-16 and several accessories. It was absolutely perfect! I’m stunned at how useful this thing has been to me and my family. I use it a lot, and I really appreciate Mike for all his hard work!

William Beeler

Raleigh, NC

I’ve purchasesd a few Fenix flashlights over the past 4 years or so online from other suppliers.  I ran into Flashlight Specialists in-person recently at the Nations Gun Show in Chantilly, VA and I must say I was impressed!  Mike knows his products inside and out and is an expert in recommending the perfect light based on my needs.  And he even veered me away from a couple of models I previously researched because he proved to me they didn’t meet MY lighting requirements.  This guy is as honest as the day is long!  Thanks Mike!

John M.

Damascus, Maryland

Hi Mike, I hope you enjoyed the SHOT show.  I got my light back and I appreciate that you included an explanation about the battery going bad.  To be honest, I had begun to doubt my decision to buy a higher end flashlight after it stopped working reliably, but your excellent customer service and standing behind your product have put an end to my doubts.  Thanks for getting it squared away quickly and also for the upgraded charging cord!  Best regards.

Richard S.

Ijamsville, Maryland

My fiance’ is very mechanically inclined always working on his classic car and tinkering around the house.  I decided to buy him a good flashlight as a gift. I’ll admit I’m not a expert in this type of thing at all. I called Flashlight Specialists because I had no idea which model to buy online.  Mike answered the phone, asked me a few questions and made his recommendation.  Pleased to say my new husband loves his new headlamp!  And I purchased 2 more for my relatives as well.  Thanks for the personalized service!

Lisa M.

Dallas, Texas

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