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Our Story

Welcome to Flashlight Specialists!   We specialize in supplying professional-grade illumination devices to individuals, commercial businesses and Government agencies.




I’ve spent over 25 years in various regional sales and technical positions in the electronics manufacturing industry.  As a road-warrior who traveled nationwide in the corporate world, one of my favorite aspects of my job was educating prospective customers on our products and services so they could make well-informed buying decisions.  I used a consultative sales methodology, listened with empathy, and faced their problems with a solutions-based approach.  For me, providing basic customer satisfaction wasn’t enough.  My goal was and still is, to make every customer absolutely delighted with their purchase.  This simple philosophy is what keeps me going and is the basic framework of our business. 


Back in 2015, I started conducting frequent hands-on flashlight demonstrations at sportsman events, gun shows and various other trade shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern USA.  To this day, our road shows give everyone the perfect opportunity to try-out each flashlight up close and personal.  I’ve interfaced with people from all walks of life – avid sportsman, first responders, electrical contractors, building inspectors, subway and railroad workers, diesel mechanics, civil engineers, pet walkers etc.  One commonality is they all worked in the dark and needed good reliable flashlights tailored to their specific needs.  Back in the day, I decided to focus on selling professional-grade flashlights only, for I dislike anything with substandard quality and surely refuse to sell it.  In the beginning it was quite a challenge to convince people to purchase a flashlight that costs an average of $100.00 when they were accustomed to seeing them advertised on TV for $19.95.  However, after giving hundreds of demonstrations over and over, studying all of the technical specifications, asking the right probing questions and putting all of my years of sales talent to work it quickly started paying off.  The results are happy customers.  On average at each event, usually two customers from a previous show would stop by to thank me for convincing them to purchase a light. They can’t believe how much difference it made in their daily activities and/or job function – which is music to my ears. The bad part is they went online and had their friends and coworkers purchase the same model based on my personal recommendations.  At the time I didn’t have a website and was inadvertently losing business! Thus was born!




Today’s LED and Lithium-ion battery technology is a game-changer and definitely not your father’s flashlight.  Manufacturers have responded producing flashlights different in physical size, lumen output, intensity ratings, runtimes, LED types, battery size and chemistry, user interface, impact resistance, waterproof ratings etc.  One size does not fit all.  Choosing the right one can be daunting and a difficult task especially online when your not sure of what you want.

At Flashlight Specialists we interface with and demonstrate to hundreds of people face-to-face on a weekly basis.  We are a vendor at over 50 multiple-day trade shows a year.  This is a huge plus for you because we internalize all of the feedback we receive concerning the pros, cons and nuances of each particular flashlight brand and model. As a result, our website will only carry specific models of flashlights that are best-of-breed.  

We set-up our website so it is easy to choose a flashlight by Occupation or Activity Due to our in-person recommendations at trade shows, we have taken the liberty of featuring only the product models that will meet your needs. We have done most of the research for you. Simply click on the EXPLORE section. This will save you a great deal of time and effort. By choosing SHOP, you can scroll through flashlights by type (hand-held, headlamp, lantern, etc.) and other accessories at your leisure.  

Every model Flashlight Specialists lists on our website has been personally tested and reviewed by us.  Each and every one. With each new model release, we order at least one for evaluation before we decide to stock it.  We review the specifications, weigh the pros and cons, consider the target audience, price point, light output, construction, etc. and compare it to existing makes and models.  If the new model has indeed “leapfrogged” the old in features and function, we will stop stocking the previous model, so you’re not purchasing product that is near the end of its life cycle.  Consequently, if a newly released model doesn’t live up to the hype and the current model is sufficient for its task at hand, then we will continue selling the current model. We’re an independent reseller and have no problem divulging all the attributes of a particular brand or model.  Unlike many internet retailers, flashlights is all we sell.  In general, life is hectic and most people don’t have the time, nor the desire to spend hours and hours researching flashlights.

Let us help you choose the ideal flashlight with confidence. Some large internet retailers create confusion by listing every (good & bad) flashlight manufacturer / model known to man and let you take the risk and perhaps choosing the wrong one.  Not with us. Let us help you choose the right one with confidence. We specialize in professional-grade illumination devices that are specifically designed to work for their intended purpose.   


When you receive your flashlight and have issues understanding the manufacturers’ instructions, trouble operating it, encounter any other problems or perhaps think your flashlight is “bad-out-of-the-box” – don’t worry!

We will personally answer your questions and walk you through a diagnostic process over the phone to make sure your purchase is “frustration-free” (be sure to have flashlight in hand).  At Flashlight Specialists, we are more than an internet retailer – we are technical “specialists” for every flashlight model we sell.  We want to make sure you are absolutely delighted with your purchase.  We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you!